Police Services in Australia
Southport Police Station-Watchhouse

Southport Police Station-Watchhouse, Australia

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96 Scarborough Street Southport Australia - 4215
(07) 5571 4333

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Adrienne Morrison Posted On 21-Dec-2016

I feel compelled to share my impact statement video about the abuse in the Watchhouse lock-up. No-one wants to speak of it and although I am afraid I will share anyway to inform the community and help people be aware of what happens to people that are imprisoned in temporary custody. Thankyou for listening, it all helps in recovering. I give them a -10.

Hiria Pehi Posted On 07-Sep-2014

Updated news in Brisbane?

Natasha Wilcox Posted On 07-Sep-2014

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Tiliha colman Posted On 07-Sep-2014

I just want to know if my partner was at this particular watch house? Murray Nicholson? By any chance would he be able to make a call? Or could I please have the details to where he will be placed? 0421829339,

B.uglar Posted On 03-Sep-2014

Bed uncomfortable, crappy food , service was appalling !!

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